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FAQ 1.) Logging in for the first time?

FAQ 2.) What is the Rotman Commerce Portal?

Logging in for the first time?

1st Year Students: Check your email account (the one listed in ROSI), as all usernames and passwords are sent out after you are offered and accept admission to the program. If you cannot find the email or if your login credentials don't work, please contact

What is the Rotman Commerce Portal?

The Rotman Commerce Portal is available to all student currently enrolled within Rotman Commerce and to all Rotman Commerce alumni. The portal is an online information system that provides students and alumni with daily information as well as Rotman Commerce exclusive resources and services.

For students, the portal has three primary sections: Academic Services, Student Life and Career Centre. Within the portal you will be able to learn more about what’s happening within Rotman Commerce, sign up for community, co-curricular and student group events, book academic advising and career coaching appointments, access resources to help you with your academic and career planning, and view leadership and job opportunities specifically targeted at Rotman Commerce students.

For alumni, the portal will get you reconnected with old friends, networking with fellow alumni, and researching your next career move. Find out more within the Events, Career Resources and Friend Search sections of the portal.

You will want to log in regularly to see all the social and professional development events, resources and services offered exclusively to the Rotman Commerce community.